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Why Trust Indy Sign Factory For Your Custom Signs?

Why Trust Indy Sign Factory For Your Custom Signs?

Signage is a key aspect of any company.  When you need signs for your business,  work with the best custom sign company in Indianapolis: Indy Sign Factory.

Helping Indiana Businesses Grow Their Sales

If you own or manage a business in Indianapolis and you need custom signs, how do you choose the best sign company with whom you can partner? You want to work with a company that understands the nature of business in Indianapolis and how signs help businesses grow sales. You want a full-service sign company that you can rely on from concept through fabrications, installation and maintenance.   Indy Sign Factory possesses all these qualities and more. Here are five reasons to trust us with your custom signs:

1. We Collaborate With Our Customers

The first step in creating an amazing custom sign is the design process. At Indy Sign Factory, we know the value of establishing a positive collaborative working relationship with our clients. We create signs that combine color, imagery, and logos in any shape, size, or dimension you need while respecting your brand standards. We listen to your wants and needs and  provide feedback and suggestions to develop a beautiful, functional sign that embodies the identity of your brand and helps you serve more customers.

2. We Have Advanced Color Matching Technology

Color matching is a complex process. Many sign companies just make educated guesses when matching brand colors. With this process, getting the exact color you want often involves numerous printing attempts while they try to match your brand’s colors through trial and error

Indy Sign Factory has a much more precise process. We’ve invested in a spectrophotometer  which allows us to match any color with science. We can provide the same color no matter what your sign is made of or what material we use.  expert cohesion across all your branding platforms. This state-of-the-art color matching technology keeps your brand’s exact color specifications true to the signs we make.

3. We Can Handle Complete Rebrands For Indianapolis-Area Businesses.

Our marketing and branding expertise provides expert guidance and advice, creating bold and fresh new designs when you want to rebrand.  We pay attention to color, and imaging, and messaging for your rebrand to have impact with your customers.  Whether it’s re-imaging logos, images, or graphics, we can do it quickly, expertly and with impact.

4. We Can Help You Make The Most Of Your Investment.

Signs, especially exterior signage, naturally wear and fade over time. Lighted-signs need bulb replacements and electronic signs occasionally require rewiring. When you purchase a sign for your business, you want to get the most out of it, and with our maintenance plan, you can. Our maintenance team can assess the condition of your sign every three months and perform any necessary maintenance or repairs.

5. Indy Sign Factory Understands Your Needs As A Business Owner.

Indy Sign Factory is an Indianapolis-based, full-service sign company dedicated to ‌creating custom signage that exceeds your expectations. If you have an exciting idea for a custom sign, or you want to learn more about how we can help your business grow sales, call us today at  317-773-5800 or click to request your consultation!