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ADA SignsIndianapolis Custom Ada Signs

As a caring business, you want to serve everyone, and help customers and visitors with disabilities navigate through your building safely and comfortably.

ADA signs make that happen. Whether you need signs with visual characters, tactile letters, braille, or at certain mounting heights, ADA signs will help your customers get where they need to be. They also ensure your business stays compliant with important legal requirements and government standards.

Why Choose Us?

Indy Sign Factory is an experienced sign company that knows the ins and outs of ADA sign standards and requirements. We understand the specifications around size, design, tactile copy, font usage, color contrast, and other preferences.Our ADA designs delicately encompass both the legal requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act and your meticulous brand personality and standards.

We take pride in our craftsmanship and attention to detail. We would love the opportunity to discuss your ADA signage needs and be your trusted partner for all your business’s signs.

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