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Building SignsIndianapolis Custom Building Signage

Building signs are any type of sign on the outside of your building that identifies your business. It’s a broad category that includes both freestanding and attached signs.

The type of sign your business needs will depend on your location, brand, permit specifications, budget, and target audience.

Some types of business signs include:

  • Logo signs – proudly display your logo
  • Lighted signs – a general term for many kinds of signs with lights
  • Channel letter signs– transparent, individual letter signs with lights inside them
  • Dimensional letter signs – letters cut from a single sheet of metal or acrylic that can be backlit
  • Projecting signs – perpendicular to your building
  • Canopy & Awning signs –constructed on a material that gives your business a boutique feel

No matter what type of building sign you choose, its ultimate purpose is to attract attention and encourage your customers come in.

Why Choose Us for Building Signs?

Indy Sign Factory understands that having the right signage increases business. If you are looking for a company to help you design attractive, welcoming, durable signs for your business, we can help.

We will recommend the building sign that would be best for your business, design and manufacture it according to your brand and color specifications, and install it with visibility and professionalism in mind.

We would love the opportunity to discuss your building sign needs and be your trusted partner for all your business’s signage.

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