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We know color!Color matching is a complicated process, and it cannot be accomplished by trial and error. Have you ever noticed a brand logo that looks blue on a brochure but greenish on a sign? Orange on a website but orange-red on a business card?

Many sign companies make educated guesses when it comes to printing brand colors. They make several adjustments and make many attempts to get the colors as close as possible. Sometimes, the colors look the same to the naked eye, but you can see the difference when youinspect it closely.

That’s not the case with Indy Sign Factory. We hold your brand standards sacred and pledge to match your colors exactly.

We can do this because we invested in a photo spectrometer – a device with advanced color-matching technology that analyzes your brand colors and communicates the specifications to our printer. The result? A spot-on, technically generated color match across all of your business’s signs.

When we say, “We Know Color!” we’re not just giving it lip service. We guarantee it. When you place your trust in Indy Sign Company, you can feel confident that your brand standards are preserved.

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