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Trade Show BannersIndianapolis Custom Trade Show Banners

Trade show banners are lightweight, versatile signs that are used to advertise and promote your business at a trade show.

They are customized to your brand, and can contain the following information:

  • Your business name
  • Your logo
  • Phone number
  • Website address
  • Slogan
  • Custom design or picture
  • An enticing message
  • Anything you can imagine!

Trade show banners can be used as a backdrop for your booth, and can be oriented horizontally or vertically. They can be hung from the ceiling, as part of a vertical banner stand, and can be retractable.

Because they are so versatile and portable, they make great supplemental signage to the inside or outside of your business.

An eye-catching tradeshow banner is sure to captivate and attract your audience!

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