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What The Heck Are ‘Channel Letter’ Outdoor Signs

What The Heck Are ‘Channel Letter’ Outdoor Signs

Channel letters are a dynamic way to get your brand to stand out. They give your business the flexibility to create unique brand messaging through color, illumination, and material options. But what the heck is a channel letter sign anyway?

What Is Channel Lettering?

Channel letters are custom lettering, typically used in commercial and public building exterior signage, often made from plastic or metals.

They are excellent options for your exterior signage needs as they are:

  • Durable

Constructed using high-quality metals like aluminum and stainless steel, channel letter signs can withstand the elements easily.

  • Highly Customizable

There is virtually no design that can’t be made. Any font, color, material, or lighting can be used to create a unique brand statement.

Types Of Channel Letter Signs

Now that we know what exactly channel lettering is let’s look at the different types of signage that you can use to boost your brand message. They are:

1. Face-lit

Face-lit channel letter signs work by illuminating only the face of each letter highlighting the three-dimensional effect and sending a clear message without harsh lighting.

There are many benefits to exterior face-lit signage.

  • Bold and bright
  • Easy to read from far distances
  • Can be uniquely designed to match any logo or font needed to fit your brand aesthetic.

2. Back-lit

Back-lit, also known as reverse or halo-lit channel letters, create a halo-like lighting effect by reversing the letters and shining the light back toward the wall. They can be made from a variety of different materials like:

  • Brushed Aluminum
  • Gold
  • Bronze
  • Stainless Steel
  • Painted Aluminum

3. Neon

Designed to look their best in low light or dark conditions, neon lights create a fun, vibrant, and nostalgic feeling.

4. Non-Illuminated

Non-illuminated channel letters are individual letters that are not lit from the inside. These are great cost-effective options for businesses that operate on a 9-5 schedule.

5. Combination

As the name alludes, combination channel lettering combines all the styles allowing for limitless possibilities.

Installation Methods

Regardless of your building and the rules regarding exterior signage, there are several ways to install your channel letter signs. They are:

1. Flush Mount

This is when the lettering is affixed directly onto the building providing a clean look.

2. Raceway

Raceway signs have channel letters affixed to a 2-3” aluminum panel that can be painted any color. The panel is then mounted to the wall creating a highly dimensional look.

3. Pin Mount

Pin mounting is typically used for back-lit channel letters. 2’ pins are attached to the letters and then to the wall for this method. This provides enough room for the LED lights to be installed behind the lettering.

With so many options to create your sign with, it can become overwhelming. That’s where the professionals at Indy Sign Factory come in.

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