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Indoor Signs: The Glorious Wall Mural

Indoor Signs: The Glorious Wall Mural

A mural is an excellent way to promote your brand, generate excitement, and create a lasting impression with customers.

What Is A Mural?

A mural is a piece of graphic artwork that can be applied to an empty wall or ceiling space. They can be made using a variety of different techniques and materials.

They are easily customizable and can be used for many reasons. They can identify a business, provide directions, promote a product, or communicate any other message you want to convey.

Types Of Wall Murals

There are several ways you can work a mural into your design.

1. Tile

Tile murals gained popularity in ancient times and are equally as popular today!

Tiles can be used to create a mosaic or hand-painted and connected to form a picture. They are widely used in kitchens, restrooms, doorways, and floors.

2. Hand Painted

If you feel confident in your artistic capabilities, you could hand paint a mural on that empty wall space. You can hire an artist to create a unique piece specifically for your organization, or you can try your hand at it yourself.

3. Wallpaper

If you don’t fancy yourself a Michaelangelo, you can choose a far easier method like wallpaper. Wallpaper murals can be made from any graphic you like and are created in pre-pasted panels that are easy to install. Additionally, they can be ordered to fit any dimension you need.

4. Vinyl Decals

The simplest way to zhuzh up that empty wall space is with vinyl decals or stickers. The nice thing about vinyl decals is the ease with which they go up and come down, making them less of a commitment than hand-painted or tile murals. They can also be custom printed with any image of your choosing.

Where Can Wall Murals Be Used?

Murals are a great way to make a lasting impression and promote your brand but are they suitable for any setting? The answer is yes!

Here are just some of the places you can have a mural installed.

1. Offices

Murals can be used in an office environment to promote brand awareness and company culture.

2. Schools

Inspire young minds with a unique work of art in the hallways or classrooms.

3. Restaurants

Provide an excellent guest experience with a statement wall that diners can take in.

4. Gyms

Motivate gym-goers with words of inspiration.

5. Hotels

Create a memorable stay with some interesting wall art.

6. Retail

Elevate the customer experience with bold imagery.

7. Home

Create interest in any room of your home with a mural.

Designing a space that has a memorable impact can be an intimidating task. With the help of the signage experts at Indy Sign Factory, you won’t have to worry.

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