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Your Custom Business Signs Need To Include…

Your Custom Business Signs Need To Include…

Creating custom business signs is not only a fun process but also a great way to advertise your brand. While there are many types of signs that you can choose from and have all the creative liberty to stand out, there are a few aspects and factors that should be included in your signs. Our team at Indy Sign Factory can help you figure it all out if you are looking to get one designed for your business.

The signs that businesses produce are intended to grab the attention of people within a few seconds. No matter what the reason is, your signage should be well-branded and convey the message. Custom business signs come in a wide range of options to fit any budget or purpose, from the colors you choose to the pictures and materials you utilize. Therefore, make sure to include the following elements while designing a sign for your company to maximize its impact.

  1. Whether you plan on having a simple message like ‘welcome’ or ‘thank you’, or you wish to advertise your offerings, make sure to always include your logo. It is your brand’s identity and should be a part of all promotional activities.
  2. Make sure to always maintain consistency when it comes to advertising your offerings. Without consistency, people may get confused about who you are and what you offer. Stick to your brand colors, fonts, and other aspects, to stand out and create an instant brand recall.
  3. Make sure to use legible fonts so that people understand what it is that you are trying to communicate. We understand that you may want to experiment with different fonts, but it’s best if you stick with those that are readable. Simple fonts can create just as much of an impact.
  4. Choose the colors wisely. Don’t go overboard with picking colors that do not match. Stick to your brand colors and if you want to add a little bit more color, speak to the professional sign maker to understand what colors would work best with your brand. Try not to make the sign look too dull or too gaudy if you wish to make an impression.
  5. Make sure that your custom business signs fulfill all the ADA requirements. You can contact our team to learn all about the ADA regulations and know if your signs require them or not.