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Outdoor Signs Need a Permit!

Outside Signs need a permit

If you plan to install a new outdoor sign for your business or replace one you already have, chances are high that you will need a sign permit.

Why are Sign Permits Necessary?

Zoning laws in almost every city, town and municipality require businesses to obtain a permit before displaying a business sign. Here’s why:

  • It ensures signs are attractive and appropriate, not offensive or an eyesore
  • It prevents safety hazards from occurring if the sign was installed incorrectly, insecurely, or in a location that would obstruct a driver’s view
  • It provides size requirements, which promotes uniformity and conformity with other area signage
  • It requires electrical signs to be installed by a licensed electrician and a standard brightness so drivers will not be distracted

Which Outdoor Signs Need Permits?

Every municipality has its own set of requirements, so you’ll need to do your homework. Signs that may need a permit include:

  • Monument signs
  • Building signs
  • Dimensional letters
  • Address signs
  • LED signs
  • Post and panel signs
  • Window graphics
  • Banners

How we Obtain a Permit

Getting a permit for your outdoor signs can be a time-consuming and complicated process, but we’re here to help! When you buy a sign from us, we manage the permit process from start to finish. Want to know what’s involved? Here are the general steps to obtaining a permit for your sign:

Step 1: Create a design & signage plan

We will help you determine the type of sign you needand the details of the signage plan. Your signage plan will include the size, location, type, size, color, illumination (if needed), and construction materials we will use to fabricate your sign.

Step 2: Get permission from the building owner

If you are leasing a commercial space, you will need permission from the building owner to install your sign on their building. This may require a few rounds of negotiations (but don’t worry, we’re good at it!).

Step 3: Apply for a zoning review

Once the building owner approves, your local zoning department may need to review your signage plan drawings and approve them before you can apply for a sign permit.

Step 4: Complete your permit application

Once you have the blessing from the zoning department, we can begin the permit application. The application is lengthy and tricky, but we cross our t’s and dot our i’s. We answer all the questions completely and provide the required documentation, so you don’t need to worry. You will be charged a fee, determined by how large and complicated your sign is. It could take anywhere from 3-12 weeks to receive your sign permit.

Step 5: Install your sign

When the sign permit has been issued, we will fabricate and install your sign.

Step 6: Schedule the inspection

Some municipalities will require an inspection upon installation to ensure your sign meets the regulations and requirements.We will check with your local county or city to make sure we complete this critical step.

Let Indy Sign Factory Help with Your Outdoor Sign Permits

Indy Sign Factory is a trusted and experienced sign company that can manage your outdoor signs from concept to completion.

We design, manufacture, and install your business’s signs and handle the permit process for you. We know the questions to ask, how to get answers, and we’ll keep things moving as quickly and completely as possible—saving time, headache and stress.

Ready to talk with Indy Sign Factory about your next signage project? Contact us!  We’re happy to help.