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Latex Vinyl Printing Means GREEN

Latex Vinyl Printing Means GREEN

These days there is massive importance on adopting green business practices. From eliminating unnecessary paperwork to partnering with other businesses that have green practices, there are many ways you can do your part to help the environment. This includes your corporate signage needs. By choosing latex printing for all of your vinyl decals, you are making the “Green” choice.

So what is latex printing, and what makes it so environmentally friendly? Let’s find out!

What Is Latex Printing?

Latex printing uses water-based inks on various mediums to create professional results. It is ideal for indoor and outdoor use and can be used to create anything from custom wallpapers to vinyl banners and decals.

Due to its versatility and eco-benefits, latex printing has quickly become a popular choice amongst professional printing services.

Please don’t take our word for it, though. Let’s dig deeper into the environmentally friendly benefits of latex printing.

Environmentally Friendly Benefits Of Latex Printing

1. Water Based Inks

The water-based inks used in latex printing are far more green than their solvent-based counterparts. Even eco-solvents are worse for the environment than water-based inks because they contain large and harmful quantities of toxic chemicals that threaten the health of the plant and the people on it.

Solvent-based inks, even eco-solvents, release Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), which are cancer-causing elements released during the printing process and disposal. This requires stringent safety measures as they are hazardous materials and require safe handling practices.

While latex printing also releases VOCs, they are in such small amounts as to not cause harm to people or the environment.

2. Recyclable Ink Cartridges

Another benefit to latex printing is the advent of eco-friendly cartridges. Unlike their plastic counterparts, these eco-cartridges reduce plastic consumption by 80% and CO2e emissions by 66%. The cartridges housed in cardboard outer shells are easily recycled locally by removing the inner ink bag. In some circumstances, latex ink manufacturers will even take the ink bags back for recycling at their facilities. This helps significantly reduce the carbon footprint left by your printing company and your business.

More Benefits Of Latex Printing

While latex printing is an excellent way to reduce your business’ negative impact on the environment, there are many other benefits to printing your signs with water-based inks.

1. High-Quality Image Printing

Latex printing produces the highest quality images and, unlike solvent-based inks, doesn’t need lamination to ensure durability.

2. Versatile

You can create just about any signage using many different design options for indoor and outdoor signage.

3. Fast

While solvent-based inks could take up to 24 hours to dry, latex inks dry almost immediately, allowing faster turnaround and even same-day printing.

4. Cost-Effective

Because professional printing services use fewer materials and spend less time producing your signs, they can keep costs affordable..

To learn more about latex printing and how it can help your company go “green,” contact the signage professionals at Indy Sign Factory. We can take you from design to installation seamlessly.

Let us help you help the planet by booking your printing consultation today!