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Cool Ideas For Cool Business Signs

Cool Ideas For Cool Business Signs

Business signs communicate your brand’s identity, entice people to patronize your business, and ultimately grow sales, so choosing the right one is key.

Choosing The Right Business Sign

Succeeding in a competitive market such as Indianapolis is often difficult. Knowing how to present your business is crucial. When looking for unique ways to promote your brand, it can be hard to develop something cool that catches people’s attention. When considering a new business sign, some questions to ask yourself include:

  • How big do you want your sign to be?
  • Where do you want to install it?
  • What is your brand image, and how can a sign support that?
  • What materials do you want to use for your signage?

Once you have a clear understanding of the function you want your business sign to fulfill, you can start thinking of cool design ideas. Knowing your business sign options helps you in the creative process. Here are five cool business sign options we at Indy Sign Factory think you should consider.

1.    3D Signs

Three-dimensional signs are signs that utilize all three dimensions as opposed to a two-dimensional sign panel. Instead of simply printing text on a sign panel, you can really make your message pop with 3D letters. Certain fonts and colors can communicate a kind of personality. 3D letters can magnify your font and color choices because they make text more impactful than it might be in two dimensions. The design experts at Indy Sign Factory can recommend a font to perfectly capture your brand’s identity.

2.    Vehicle Graphics

What could be cooler than turning your work vehicle—or fleet of vehicles—into a mobile billboard? By installing graphics on your vehicle, you can promote your business everywhere you or your staff drives. If you manage a business that uses delivery trucks, you can turn every delivery run into an advertising campaign. As a driver makes a delivery, they’re also generating impressions, and this can lead to new customers and increased sales.

3.    Wall Murals

Wall murals are large, often floor-to-ceiling, artistic signs that make significant impacts. At Indy Sign Factory, we can use vinyl printed graphics to turn your walls into powerful motivational tools. A successful wall mural might display large, inspirational phrases, eye-catching graphics, or a bold, beautiful logo. You can use a wall mural to motivate your staff, to entertain your clients, or to make your business unique and unforgettable.

4.    Lobby & Reception Signs

Your lobby or reception area sign is likely the first thing customers and prospective customers see when they enter your business. That’s why it’s critical for these signs to make a good impression. Lobby and reception signs that people can read easily and which are professionally designed to be consistent with your brand set the right tone. As opposed to installing a sign that simply says, “Lobby”, or your business’s name, consider displaying an engaging message. Messages like, “How are you doing today?”, “Thanks for visiting, how can we help you?” are engaging and can make your customers feel welcomed.

5.    Window Graphics

Whether it’s a shop window or the window of your front door, your business’s windows are a great place to install graphics that identify your business and promote your brand. Window graphics are fully customizable images; you can use various shapes, sizes, and colors that identify your business, welcome customers, or to simply indicate if they should push or pull the front door. Every sign is a chance to interact with your customers and communicate your business’s character. The better your signage can do this, the higher your chance of staying in customers’ minds and securing repeat business.

Indy Sign Factory can help you pick the perfect type of business sign to increase your visibility, reinforce your brand identity, or rebrand your entire business. Our signage consultants will work with you to build the best signage for your brand. We will collaborate with you from‌ concept through fabrication to installation and maintenance! Complete the form and let’s get started on your cool business sign!