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Benefits of a Vehicle Wrap

Benefits of a Vehicle Wrap:

One of the most powerful and cost-effective ways to advertise your business is with a vehicle wrap.

What is a Vehicle Wrap?

Vehicle wraps are large-scale, customized graphics that are installed on your truck, trailer, or van. Graphics can cover your entire vehicle or parts of it. Your brand can even be wrapped on the windows!  Vehicle wraps transform your vehicle into traveling billboards to promote your company 24×7.

Why Vehicle Wraps?

Vehicle advertising is a practical way to reach a large audience. Consider these statistics:

  • A single vehicle wrap can receive up to 30,000 views a day
  • 98% of Americans say they notice advertising on cars and vehicles
  • 30% of Americans report they base their buying decisions on ads they see
  • Mobile advertising reaches consumers who aren’t exposed to ads in newspapers, radio, or television
  • Vehicle advertising increases brand name recognition 15 times greater than other advertising media

Benefits of a Vehicle Wrap

Vehicle wraps are a perfect way to advertise your business:

  • It’s cost effective

Vehicle wraps are the most affordable advertising medium a small businesses can invest in.  For example, on a vehicle leased for three years, the cost of a full vehicle wrap is approximately $80 per month or less than $3 per day. That’s less expensive than any other type of advertising you could purchase with 15 times the reach.

  • Adults are visual learners

Colorful, professionally designed vehicle wraps grab attention, and adults will remember them more than radio, newspaper, or Facebook ads. Whether you are driving down the highway, are parked in a lot, or are passing through a neighborhood, other drivers will notice your vehicle. Vehicle wraps stand out from solid-color vehicles.

  • It amplifies your brand, creating credibility & trust

Your vehicle wrap can be fully customized to your meet brand standards. Complete with your colors and logo, your wrap can include colorful graphics, a phone number, a website address, and even a QR code. Additionally, wrapped vehicles send a message of professionalism and legitimacy. Your customers will feel confident that your brand is one they can trust.

  • It’s interruption-free

While advertisements interrupt your customers’ routine or concentration (and can even be annoying), vehicle wraps don’t. They are a subtle but bold way to get in front of your customers wherever they are – waiting for a bus, stuck in traffic, or driving in their cars. Wraps are a great way to target your customers in your service area.

  • It protects your vehicle

Vehicle wraps are made from a high-density urethane viny film that acts as a shield for your vehicle. They protect your vehicleand its paint from scratches, dents, debris, gravel, and UV light. This helps to increase your vehicle’s resale value.

Why Choose Indy Sign Factory for your Vehicle Wraps

Indy Sign Factory is an experienced sign company that designs, manufactures, and installs any type of signage you may need for your business—especially vehicle wraps.

We can help you choose the perfect combination of graphics, words, and colors for your wrap that communicates your brand and gets your message out. Then we manufacture and professionally install your wrap to ensure there are no bubbles, tears, or creases.

We Know Color

You can trust Indy Sign Factory to keep your brand standards safe. Color matching is a complicated process that most sign companies never fully master.

Not so with Indy Sign Factory.

We have invested in advanced color-matching technology that analyzes your brand colors and communicates the specifications to our printer. The result is a technically generated color that is an exact match with your brand standards. This means your vehicle graphics colors (and any other sign you may purchase from us) will be consistent with the colors in all your other marketing materials.

When you choose Indy Sign Factory, you can feel confident in quality products, expert workmanship, and brand preservation, making your business be seen, recognized, and remembered.

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